Catholic ULADECH aperturará Language Center in Nuevo Chimbote

The demand for higher education increasingly higher quality is causing many universities in the world take the product innovation as a process of continuous improvement focused on the benefit of students.

In this context the Catholic University of Chimbote Los Angeles, leader in the integration of technology in all its processes, this time lends boost their professional profiles in all the practical knowledge and proficiency in a second language. Catholic ULADECH projects to express their graduates fluent in a second language in their professional field. This will soon be inaugurating the Language Centre, the management of the center in all careers will allow students to graduate with a high knowledge of a foreign language and most likely to unfold and master a language increasingly more important and presence in the labor market.

This initiative, he certainly brings international position has already ULADECH because in many Catholic universities knowledge of a second language is essential to get the degree.

The Language Centre will be located in Catholic ULADECH your local Nuevo Chimbote, alongside Pacific Avenue Metro.

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